Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Personnel Department

  • Staff recruitment in line with the extant rules;
  • Promotion of both teaching and Non-teaching staff in tandem with the scheme of service;
  • Conversion of officers from one cadre to another cadre;
  • Condonation of break in service;
  • Gazette Publication: The gazette of first appointment of both Teaching and Non-teaching staff in all the zones had been corrected and re-produced as it was observed to have a lot of errors, while gazette for confirmation of appointment is under processing
    Change of name processing.
  • Coordination of recruitment examination 
  • Discipline of erring teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Appointment of supervisors, vice-principals, principals and zonal heads which are now interview based;
  • Conducting 2013-2016 promotion exercises for TESCOM staff at their various Zonal Headquarters to reduce the risk to life’s of staff during trips to TESCOM Headquarters for promotion interview and release of letters to all affected staff due for the exercise;
  • Documentation of records of both new and old staff; and  any other assignment as the Commission may deem fit.



Administration and Supplies Department

  • Taking charge of the general administration of the Commission.
  • Advising on general administration matters in the Commission.
  • Assisting in the formulation of policies and their execution
  • Maintaining stores and government inventories.
  • Processing and advising on all procurement activities of the Commission.
  • Ensuring compliance with Due Process and the provision of the Procurement Act in all contracts and procurements in the Commission
  • Approving maternity leave requests
  • Covering management meetings and coordinating other related Meetings.
  • Processing of all leave requests of staff (annual, maternity, leave of absence etc)
  • Allocating and maintaining office accommodation, furniture and equipment for all categories of staff
  • handling issues relating to youth corp members and industrial training students
  • Handling issues pertaining to computation of retirement benefits (gratuity and pension)of retiring staff.
  • Maintaining the registry

Finance and Accounts Department

  • Taking charge of the accounting duties of the commission;
  • Advising in the disbursement of fund;
  • Taking charge of the disbursement of fund of the Commission; which is inclusive of salaries, leave bonus and other emoluments;
  • Managing all funds and public money due and receivable in the Commission;
  • Collating financial returns from all the Six Zones of the Commission.
  • Preparing Financial Reports of the Commission and ensuring timely submission to the Office of Accountant General of the State;
  • Advising the accounting officer on audit and public accounts committee queries;
  • Responsible for the development and installation of efficient accounting system and control;
  • Interpretation of Financial Regulations and Treasury Circulars;
  • Advising the accounting officer and other Departmental Heads on accounting matters.
  • Ensuring proper auditing of financial books before expenditure;
  • Ensuring proper auditing of staff salaries and leave bonus before they are submitted to and released by Ministry of Finance to TESCOM;
  • Ensuring the prompt processing of salaries and allowances being released to TESCOM for payment;

Planning, Research and Statistics Department

  • Generation and management of personnel data;
  • Preparation of TESCOM annual budget.
  • Monitoring & Evaluating TESCOM Budget performance
  • Generation of pertinent data for disbursement of Operational Grants to Schools;
  • Coordinating Workshops for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.
  • Organizing orientation programme for NYSC members posted to TESCOM.
  • Organizing orientation and training for newly recruited TESCOM Staff.
  • Representing TESCOM on Board of NYSC;
  • Liasing with Zonal offices to obtain necessary information and data;
  • Representing TESCOM on international committees or events and programme of all MDAs

Zonal Offices

  • Monitoring of schools;
  • Recommending suitable officers for the post of principals, vice principals and supervisors;
  • Posting of teaching and non-teaching staff approved by the Board to various schools.
  • Coordinating and monitoring of teachers activities in various schools in order to improve performance of student in Exams