Some Achievements

Past and recent projects carried out by the agency

Achievement of TESCOM

  • Established and implemented the re-distribution of personnel across zones to ensure equitable distribution of staff to both rural & urban schools.
  • Recovery of official vehicle from the former TESCOM Chairman, to the office of the new Chairman.
  • Successfully empowered and modern training for 625 Principals and 1875 Vice-Principals across the state through Administration and lT training
  • Successfully deployed teachers’ supervisors and officers to about six hundred and twenty five (625) public secondary school across the 33 local government areas of the state to assess their needs.
  • Designed and successfully gazetted the 1st appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff and confirmation of appointments.
  • Ongoing recruitment of almost 10000 new teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Ongoing conversion of several qualified non-teaching staff to teaching line to strengthen the teaching workforce.
  • Prompt payment of monthly salaries of staff. despite COVID-19 challenges.
  • Successful compilation and printing of comprehensive staff list of teaching and non-teaching staff in the state.
  • Ongoing Implementation of ICT support for  staff including the acquisition of laptops and smart devices for teaching and Non-teaching staff across the state to support continuous learning. The commission has also embarked on  e-learning programmes during these lockdown periods including empowerment of teachers to partake in E-learning using platforms such as The Google Classroom, YouTube Classroom,  Zoom Cloud app, Telegram and Whatsapp teaching to meet the demands of the learners during the lockdown period. Ongoing planning and provision  of network devices (switches/routers) for each of the 625 schools  across the state to enable schools stay connected to the internet to align with global best practices.
  • Ongoing restructuring, expansion and creation  of  four additional TESCOM Zonal offices in Ibadan Zone 3 and Zone 4, and additional two in Oke Ogun to align with the commissions’ strategic plans.